Always Have Upgraded Hardware

When you add our hardware service to your managed service program, you will:

  • Reduce capital expenses to make better use of your cash
  • Say goodbye to obsolete hardware for your employees
  • Obtain a better work experience and increase productivity for your employees
  • Enhance your business’ scalability
  • Provide enhanced security for your intellectual property

Contact your account manager for more details.

HIPAA Compliant

Do you know what it takes to be HIPAA compliant?

Do you know what the liabilities/fines are if you fail a HIPAA audit?

Do you want to sleep better at night knowing you will pass a HIPAA audit?

We know and understand what it takes to be HIPAA compliant and will make sure you pass an audit.

End-of-Life Software

Once the software you are using reaches its end of life, this software’s vendor stops all support and updates for its version.

That means is your systems are no longer supported or secure.

By the end of 2019, Microsoft Server 2008, 2008r2, Microsoft SQL 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2008, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, some builds of Microsoft Windows 10, and Microsoft Office 2010 reached their end of life.

If you or your business are using any of the Microsoft versions listed above, please contact us to create a plan and a budget to get your equipment up-to-date.

Keep in mind, if you have any regulatory or compliance guidelines that you or your business follow, failing to use current software versions could cause major issues, fines, and other liabilities.

Data Recovery

Have you lost your data?

Has someone deleted a folder you can’t recover from backup?

We may be able to assist you in getting your data back. We will inspect your drive(s) to determine if your data can be recovered.

Request more information here.