Home Based Managed Anti-Virus, Cloud Backups and Remote Support



We provided managed support to your home based computer(s)

Email Support
We will setup outlook for exchange, POP3, IMAP or Office 365. Our team will take care of managing spam or archives.

User Setup
We will configure the profiles, Active Directory and passwords. We will be there when your customer needs to unlock their PC too!

File Access Configurations
Make mapping drives to folders on a server easy for your customer. We will tackle the configurations and setup shares over the server.

Printer(s) Management
You and your printers don’t always queue together. We will handle the drivers, local or network setup and clear the job.

Virus / Spyware Clean up
Regular maintenance is easy, but users tend to ignore this need. We will be online with your customer to resolve their problem and keep their systems running.

Application Troubleshooting
We all need help sometimes. Microsoft Word isn’t saving your on the OneDrive?. No worries, we got them covered.

Cloud Backup
We provide you with datto Cloud Continuity for PCs to provide you with a managed solution to recover either a single file or the entire PC with the power of image-based backups.
This provides a way to easily protect for your PC from all disaster scenarios. With Cloud Continuity for PCs, so we can assist you:

– Recover individual files and folders
– Rollback from ransomware attacks
– Restore lost or stolen PCs
– Virtualize PCs in the Datto cloud

For a monthly fee we will provide managed Anti-Virus protection, and remote support as needed.

Cost is billed per computer, per month in advance.

If onsite support is needed, that will be billed at our standard rate for managed clients